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Balancelot is a challenging physics based indie game for PC. It is a light-hearted Unicycle Adventure through visually interesting medieval sceneries. You play as a lowly squire, who wants to participate a jousting tournament. Because he is too poor to buy a horse, so he gets an unicycle to participate in the tournament! 

On the way to reach your destination, you balance your way through medieval terrain on your unicycle and lance, face challenging obstacles, questionable foes and other bizarre incidents. The goal is to get to the tournament on time! 

Inspiration – Crooked and bizarre peculiarities of medieval art

The idea of medieval unicycle-jousting game had been brewing in the back of the mind of our Lead Artist for a while. While brainstorming for a good idea for an original game, this idea sold itself to the team quite easily. 

Balancelot’s visual style takes it’s inspiration from the crooked and bizarre medieval art. Medieval art in margins of handwritten scripts used to be a way to criticize every day matters through visual characters. Those characters seem peculiar and quirky in the eyes of people living in the 21st century. This peculiarity gave us inspiration to create this medieval adventure. Visually we want to offer attractive visuals with a quirky, funny twist inspired by the era in question. 

Inspiration for the gameplay mechanics is from the recent trend of challenging physics-based games like Getting over it by Bennet Foddy, QWOP and Happy Wheels. We want to offer unique, challenging and amusing single-play experience which stands out with a fresh visual and technical approach on physics-based gaming. 

Gameplay – a challenging physics based indie game for PC

As stated before, Balancelot is a challenging physics based indie game for PC. The core idea of the gameplay is to balance the character on an unicycle and advance through varying terrains. The terrains are levels with different challenges as shapes and attributes of the terrain, other objects and enemies blocking and hindering the travel of the character.  

Team – from Finland with a passion to create amusing games

We are a group of ICT-students from Finland with a passion to create amusing games. The team is composed of coders, game designers, graphics artists, sound artist, testers and marketing people. Just like in any indie dev-team, everyone is involved in almost everything, having up to three roles in the team. What is important to the team is to create a great gaming experience to players and have fun while developing it!  

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Balancelot will be published on PC-platform in summer 2018. Meanwhile, feel free to follow @balancelotgame on Twitter and Facebook!

Conquer Medieval Lands on a Goshdarned Unicycle!